Project Location:HANGZHOU·FUYANG

Project Scale:Planning Area:100350㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-16


"Out of the dust of the implicit, between shan" - to modern people's way of life, in the construction of modern Chinese wisdom, arouse the rooted in the Chinese traditional culture in people's heart is meaningless.

Fuyang is located in the "west lake -- fuchun river -- qiandao lake -- huangshan" national golden tourism line, which is a typical jiangnan landscape city, with the beauty of mountain city and the show of jiangcheng.

Natural landscape resources are abundant, there are mountain water, plot in some streams can create vivid waterscape, mountain landscape in the landscape view, favorable for the formation of natural landscape space and building outline of the skyline, make the whole horizon landscape more rich, so as to achieve the human and the nature, architecture and nature of perfect fusion.

Planning characteristics using the Chinese traditional architectural culture "que" culture, embodies the location of the exalted and birth, design make full use of the elevation difference of slope land to build the basement, save earth volume, control the construction cost.

At the same time, the height difference of the slope increases the interest of the community space, and reaches the boundary and effect of changing scenery.

Back mountain surface water, the mountain and water environment can bring great convenience and benefit to human life.

Modern pursuit of the way, the noise of the dust, just to enjoy the quiet life,

"Kowloon one" integrates the Chinese "zen" culture of "wind, water, bamboo, and heart" into the architecture, which is a building work with cultural connotation.