Project Location:HANGZOU·TONGLU

Project Scale:Planning Area:43730㎡, Overall Floorage:24989.2㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-11-16

Tonglu this project base is located in tonglu, zhejiang province, east of "riverside daqi at" and "ethnic culture park" daughter village, north to daqi mountain resorts, daqi mountain on the east side to block the only discrepancy direction, northwest edge 320 national road.

The current situation of the base is the existing pond and the small mountain bag, the water quality is clear, the environment is superior.

Design philosophy:

In the general branch of the case, villas are set in the south side pond area, and the west side and the north side of the row house.

 build water near the mountain living environment.

This paper puts forward the concept of "landscape and garden," and further extends the characteristics of traditional gardens, trying to create a garden habitat between the true mountains and the real water.

 compound concept as the core, looking like traditional well-formed yard.

Multiple courtyards, multiple Spaces, both open and introverted, integrate traditional culture and modern living concepts.

 city with potential, creating rich horizon.

 8 m gables spacing, the pursuit of landscape penetration, improve the quality.

 and daqi mountain scenic resort area.