Project Location:ANHUI·XUANCHENG

Project Scale:Planning Area:201568㎡,Overall Floorage:500118㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2018-01-19

The overall layout of this case is centered on the green belt of the river and the wan xi river, and the space enclosed layout form of huizhou architecture is adopted to create the design conception of seven livable group Spaces.

Road cross river green belt east and west, wan xi river green belt south and north to the landscape radiation community.

The whole lot is divided into seven groups by road and landscape belt.

Through scientific and reasonable arrangement of human nature, a group space can be created.

Seven groups respectively by half open space center (group) and illicit close space (private quiet resting places) and the combination of courtyard layout construction, brings to the resident area and the feeling of security, and was associated with the neighborhood atmosphere and space, space scale and pleasant, let a person relaxed and happy, very accord with modern psychological need of the communication.

Each group in this case has a separate entrance and exit, and each entrance and exit has a closed property management system to ensure the privacy of each group.

Through the combination of landscape array and entrance center garden or hanging garden, the theme of combination of nature and humanity is fully embodied, and the class and quality of the whole community is enhanced.

Along the streets of each group, there are shops along the street, and the large shopping malls are set up to the west of the people's road east, xiaoyi road and the pagoda tree lane.

In addition to facilitating the daily business needs of the owners in the community, it also greatly promoted the commercial quality of xuan city and created a new urban commercial center.

In the south of locust tree lane, the kindergarten is set up to facilitate early childhood education in the community.

Along the river, along the river, along the river, there are green, small, pro-level, and historic stone Bridges and widows' Bridges to the river to make it more cultural.

The central landscape square is equipped with a playground for youth, children's playground, senior stage theatre, and rest platform, etc., which provides a place for playing, enjoying, relaxing and exercising.