Project Scale:Planning Area:120191.4㎡, Overall Floorage:138400.29㎡

Project Process:Under Construction

Project Time:2018-01-24

A block:

I. design philosophy.

In local piece of architecture design style and elegant noble style of new Chinese style unified fundamental key, with classical rich delicate details composition proportion and to create high quality residential construction, forming rich complex coordination and do not break change as a whole.

Ii. Planning and design.

Chinese garden community

Planning fully respect and make use of the base of the natural conditions, build the community greening environment close to nature, return to nature, to make community harmony coexistence with the environment, planning is especially emphasized from street to street construction, and thereby series, square, public green land, until the group internal neighborhood garden landscape, formed in the streets for the venation of the distinct landscape system, so as to create a Chinese style on the whole landscape of ecological community.

Plot B:

I. design research.

Rational utilization of underground space -- combining with the complex and multivariate of topography, the method of rational excavation and backfilling is adopted to create a unique vertical vertical space.

The community space is completely given to the residents of the community, to maximize the landscape resources, and to give the community a safe pedestrian environment, so that the privacy of the residents is stronger.