Project Scale:Unknown

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-12-02

Shaoxing is located in the Yangtze river delta, zhejiang, north west of hangzhou, ningbo in the east, hangzhou bay in the north, has shaoxing, zhuji city, shangyu, shengzhou xinchangxian and the city, covers an area of 8256 square kilometers and a population of 4.35 million, the urban area of 362 square kilometers and a population of 640000.

This project is located in the block of the seventh hospital of ma zhen lu, which is located in the old city of shaoxing, and the natural and cultural landscape is unreserved and utilized.

The south side is the happy community, the east side is the new village residential area, the north side is yuanpei primary school, the west side is shaoxing electric heating plant.

Not far from the south side is shaoxing famous yuanpei middle school.

The district has an obvious advantage.

Design philosophy:

People-oriented, to respect people, care people as starting point, from residential to the monomer of the overall arrangement of the architectural design to the residential landscape configuration, all consider people's activities, thinking, the demand of life.

Based on environment -- in this residential planning based on the environmental concept, architecture, landscaping, sports facilities and mutual echo, form the harmonization and unification of the building, the environment, people living environment, to strengthen the details of each element and form a sustainable development of green ecological homes.

Refinement to beauty, architecture, landscape sketch, service facilities, greening, environmental and municipal sketch is an important part of urban public space, we strongly advocated the high-quality goods consciousness, research building, sketch, facilities and green landscape environment of every detail, striving to delicate and have emotional appeal, the overall improving the quality of the whole community, in order to get the owner's approval.