Project Scale:Planning Area:39785㎡, Overall Floorage:33038㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2017-11-03

1. The ideal house in the park.

The natural environment of the plot is extremely superior, with water as the center, and the garden type landscape node environment is introduced, which reflects the ideal environment of "human being in the flower" -- taohuayuan.

2. The ideal feng shui environment is high in the east and south of the south.

The main entrance is set on the east side, and the auspicious smell is accepted, forming the traditional geomantic environment in the south.

3. Three-dimensional landscape space.

Through the ground elevation difference set, build ups and downs, the rich natural slope landscape and architectural skyline, landscape sequence is rich and vivid, full of "" step, such as" enlightened "dramatic scene.

4. Noble cross landscape axis -- the two arteries that are full of vitality in the community.

Set the east-west cultural landscape axis (delicate sculptures, sketch), north and south to natural landscape axis (cherry blossom, weeping willow, etc.), will be formed around the block series of landscape environment, at the same time, the introduction of the four seasons flowers and diverse vegetation, form a delicate GongYuanShi residential environment.

5. High-priced door type space.

Comfortable door type design, reasonable layout living plane function, static and static separation, form comfortable bedroom space, luxurious sitting room space, convenient indoor traffic space.

6. Elegant southeast Asian facade.

The building USES the same form coefficient, same color coefficient, same material coefficient, build a kind of easy, romantic and unrestrained life idea form.