Project Scale:Overall Floorage: 18633㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2013-08-10

Planning concept

1. The landmark south entrance square and the east side public park with the folksy and ecological atmosphere.

2. The setting of the height difference of the site, creating a natural slope with a lot of ups and downs.

3. Perfect people's car shunt system, and pursue the maximization of landscape resources.

4. Actively create a variety of vertical vertical space, and integrate semi-underground space and ground landscape function.

The design highlights

1. Stable building layout:

The building body has a thick temperament (through large scale space, stone material, building direct landing etc.), which brings credibility, shock, sense of security and intimacy.

2. Modern building facade:

Reflect the unique artistic concept (through modern materials, ecological greening, simple and generous modelling, etc.), modern art brings people the affinity and people-oriented feeling.

3. South landscape square, east side and north side landscape park of the atmosphere.

4. The south side is equipped with the trademark ginkgo tree.

5. Natural ecological landscape:

In the east, the water friendly public park and the high difference of the project site are set up to create a spectacular natural ecological landscape, and to create a green building with green roof, ecological and sustainable development.