Project Location:JIANGSU· SUQIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area: 20000㎡,Overall Floorage: 36000㎡

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2017-10-27

1. Ding as the design theme.

Suqian is the hometown of the king xiang, and "li yanshan xi qi geshi" has spoken of a generation of heroic and powerful mountains and rivers, which can be easily swallowed up by thousands of miles.

The tripod is a kind of bronze ware in ancient China, three feet or four feet, two ears, usually engraved with fine ornamentation.

The tripod was originally a cooking utensil, which was later used for sacrificial sacrifice to god, and rose as a sacrificial vessel, becoming a symbol of power and authority in the state power.

The base is square, the enclosed space will interweave the buildings and the environment, forming a comfortable office environment.

2. Ideal feng shui layout.

The traditional geomantic omen to the surrounding environment demands "left green dragon, right white tiger", this feng shui pattern is the aesthetic symmetry balance principle best embodiment.

In addition, the various buildings themselves also reflect a kind of symmetrical beauty.

The enclosed space forms the courtyards of the four rivers and collects the gas.

3. Rich urban functions.

Hongze lake road area bank is numerous, easy to form suqian future financial business district, strengthen the economic benefit of the region.

4. Open space of the atmosphere.

North and south square, and central courtyard form a complete axis landscape.