Project Location:JIANGSU·SUQIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :26514㎡, Overall Floorage:74300㎡

Project Process:Under Construction

Project Time:2018-01-22

This scheme strives to arrange the building function reasonably, so as to make the layout of the community and human relations reflect the sense of rhythm, change in order, and reflect the change of order.

This scheme is designed to integrate the park landscape in the south side of the plot and introduce the beautiful landscape of the park into this community.

With green space and trees, the building space, commercial space, road space and walking space are integrated together to create a space system of diversity and continuity.

The plan is to plan each group as the ecological core, the central green of each group is permeated with each other, and the space between the building mountain walls is increased in a row in the south side, so that the park landscape penetrates into this community.

The landscape and activity space of different characteristic groups are formed.