Project Scale:Unknown

Project Process:Completed

Project Time:2014-06-03

The designer will plan the shengzhou passenger transportation center.

1. From the planning and design, we have rearranged the line of pedestrian traffic, and put the parking lot on the ground completely, reducing the construction area of the building by about 25,000 square meters and reducing the cost by about 40 million yuan.

2. Reduce unnecessary unnecessary space from the function of building space, reduce redundant construction area about 8000 square meters, reduce the cost by about 24 million.

(3) from the architectural modeling, combining the surrounding terrain, the modelling of design for double rainbow fellowship, meet the perfect performance of building multiple Angle, at the same time made a deepening the construction of ecological energy-saving design.

The whole design is the perfect interpretation of vitruvian's "economy, application and beauty" thousands of years ago.