Project Location:JIANGSU·SUQIAN

Project Scale:Planning Area :142810㎡, Overall Floorage:501657㎡

Project Process:Conceptual

Project Time:2018-01-24

I. design objectives:

This project will be used as the "garden style upscale community in the center of suqian city", which will create the landmark buildings of the noble residential area in the center of suqian city, and guide the new residential concept of suqian district.

Ii. Planning features:

1) the central garden park of 20000 square meters, and the philosophy of life in nature.

2) the landmark main entrance square is the first viewing line for residents to come home.

3) the ground elevation difference set, build ups and downs, the rich natural slope landscape and architectural skyline, landscape sequence is rich and vivid, full of "" step, such as" enlightened "dramatic scene.

4) improve the system of human car diversion, and pursue the maximization of landscape resources.

5) actively create a variety of vertical vertical space, combine underground space and sunken landscape courtyard function, and create underground sunshine landscape garage.

The dual entrance hall of the VIP area enables the residents to reach and obtain the inner peace and spiritual pleasure.

6) to improve the quality of buildings to live, to provide modern, in line with the local characteristics of life as the center of architectural appearance and door model design, emphasis on accommodation and fusion of natural landscape environment, fully reach the ornamental value, development value and living value of unity.