The whole process engineering consulting must be based on the design and the architectural planning.

Release Time:2017.07.07Publishing Author:Wang Honghai Deng Xiaomei and Shen Changjun source: "China Survey and design"

With the Ministry of housing built the City No. [2017]101 "on the whole process of engineering consulting pilot work notice", is devoted to the deployment of the implementation of the State Office No. 19 "on promoting the sustained and healthy develo

The Ministry of housing built the City No. [2017]101 "on the whole process of engineering consulting pilot work notice", is devoted to the deployment of the implementation of the State Office No. 19 "on promoting the sustained and healthy development of the construction industry opinions" file. This paper reviews the evolution of our project management and consultation service mode, through the comparative study of the domestic and international architectural design services, put forward the whole process of engineering consultation shall be designed to lead to the construction planning, advance views and policy recommendations for reference, researchers and government departments.
The evolution of China's project management and consulting service model
Owner self management model
Before the middle of 90s, affected by the first World Bank Assistance Project "Lubuge impact", China began the project gradually carrying out the four important systems in line with international standards, namely the project legal person responsibility system, bidding system, project supervision system and contract management system. As a result, our country has gradually established the status of the project as a legal person to build the owner. The legal person is responsible for the whole process of project investment, project establishment, design, bidding, cost, construction management, completion and acceptance. In 1996 before the mandatory implementation of engineering supervision system, an engineering project in addition to the investment consulting, survey and design consulting and design unit entrusted to undertake, bidding, project cost and project management of the owners are generally internal functions -- this can call it the "owner" mode.
"Fragmentation" service model for engineering consulting
In 1988, China began to pilot supervision system. In 1996, the regulations of project construction supervision were formally promulgated, and compulsory supervision system was implemented. Early, had supervision responsibility reflects the characteristics of the whole process of project management, the so-called "three control, two management and one coordination", the original intention is to a certain extent in the act "owner" function. Later, on the one hand did not adhere to the international design led, the lack of technical content and authority of the supervision enterprise, on the other hand, due to the later implementation of cost consulting and tendering agency system, make the investment control in supervision and project management functions are weakened, and gradually lead to ineffective supervision, the party evolved into the "quality the inspector", "safety", "the design institute is drawing", resulting in a system of Engineering Consulting Services Division - this is known as the professional engineering consulting services called "fragmentation" mode.
A large number of "fragmentation" case study proves that under this mode, to describe the subject matter of "project definition file" by design, bidding agency, cost consulting agencies were completed, the construction of intent from the "split" expression, making the project from the source on the existence of a large number of "wrong, leakage, touch, missing" the late late changes will inevitably lead to increased, the time delay and decrease of quality defects in construction. At the same time, the "five party" and even the seven party responsibility subjects are jointly responsible for the project, but it is difficult to catch up with them, causing the owners to be tired of coordination, the internal consumption of each stakeholder is increasing, and the interests of the project are damaged. This "fragmentation" model has entered the bottleneck period of development, and has been criticized by the majority of the owners.
Whole process engineering consulting service model
The whole process of engineering consulting service pilot promotion, to deepen the reform of construction organization management mode, enhance the inherent qualities of engineering consulting industry in China "supply side", let the essence of consulting consulting regression with international standards, participation mode, "The Belt and Road construction. The author believes that under the construction system of our country, the scope of the whole process of engineering consultation can be seen in Figure 2, and consulting service providers can provide all or part of consulting services according to the owners' entrustment needs.
Comparison of architectural design service range at home and abroad
Generally speaking, the international architectural design consulting service program can be generally divided into five stages: architectural planning, architectural design, bidding, construction supervision and operation and maintenance.
The international architectural design company (firm), usually can be provided to the owners from the building to the whole design plan (including planning, scheme and preliminary drawings and tender, map, etc.), the whole process of project bidding, construction supervision consulting services such as "one-stop", also can according to the requirements of the owners, to provide a one or several stages of the "menu" consultation, like planning, design, construction design and individual services, and our design company (institutes) can provide design drawings, this situation has been unable to meet the diverse needs of the owners of construction organization construction, should be reformed.
Definition of architect's responsibility
The definition of architects' professional responsibilities in UIA recommendation is: "including the provision of urban planning, and the design, construction, expansion, protection, reconstruction or reconstruction of a group or a group of buildings. The professional services (including but not limited to): planning, land use planning, city design, preliminary research, design task, design, model, drawings, manuals and technical documents, on the other (professional consulting engineers, city planners, landscape architects and other professional consultants such as division of technical documentation for) proper coordination should be provided, and building economy, contract management, construction supervision and project management services." From this point of view, providing the whole design service is the natural responsibility of the international architects. The preliminary research and the whole process of the project are the short board of our architects' professional practice.
The present situation of Chinese architects' practice
As a result of the "fragmentation" of engineering consulting services and the previous study, it is done by the owners themselves or by other professional planning agencies.