What did the idyllic complex do from poor villages to the national pastoral complex? (attached plan)

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According to the Ministry of finance "on the pastoral complex construction pilot work notice", defined by the Zhu Jialin County of Yinan Linyi City Pastoral complex pilot project in Shandong Province, and other 9 pilot provinces project together in t

According to the Ministry of finance "on the pastoral complex construction pilot work notice", defined by the Zhu Jialin County of Yinan Linyi City Pastoral complex pilot project in Shandong Province, and other 9 pilot provinces project together in the comprehensive development of national industry pastoral complex pilot project focused review. The overall thinking and construction plan of the three year plan of Zhu Jialin's idyllic complex has been fully affirmed by the expert group at the meeting.
Zhu Jialin,
Located in the Linyi city of Yinan County, Shandong Province,
It is a small mountain village located in the deep mountains of Yimeng mountain area.
A total of 140 families,
Half of the houses have been uninhabited.
Young people have developed more outside.
There are only seventy or eighty years old left behind in the village.
For a long time, no one,
Many houses have collapsed.
In the old yard, it became the world of trees.
Many hundred years of Chinese toon tree,
The old trees, old elm tree species in northern tradition,
With the dilapidated walls together.
The villagers of Zhu Jialin, diligent and simple,
There is a very good popular style,
Still keep the traditional farming life,
Like the paradise of Tao Yuanming.
But this beautiful small mountain village,
It is about to face a recession, or even disappear.
The village is like an old man.
It has been staggering.
Where will the field be?
Winter of 2015,
A group of young people came to the village.
They live here,
Live with the villagers,
Help the village to rejuvenate.
The government has come too, and more young people have come, too.
They are the dry small mountain village,
To plant trees, build bridges and pave the way and repair houses.
They think,
The essence of rural reconstruction,
It's not a group of designers.
And the people should be involved in it.
Rural reconstruction, not built several buildings houses, built some scenic spots,
It is to let the townspeople feel the life of the country.
Farmers are the protagonists of local life.
Zhu Jialin's development does not move to a village,
The empty old houses in the village,
In the way that the villagers share the stock,
Re create a Youth Hostel, hostel.
The old craftsmen, the old masons,
All started to participate in the construction,
We can also get a fixed income.
During the design process,
Full respect for the local style of architecture,
The house in the mountain is a stone wall, which is made of stone.
Looking at the earth,
But it turns into the most fashionable design element.
So, two years have passed.
The village of Zhu Jialin has also quietly changed its appearance.
Go into the village,
It is no longer the road of loess all day.
Sand and stone paved trails,
A series of families are in series.
The crumbling stone walls,
Now neatly assembled again,
It also chiseled out such a landscape window.
The sun and the scenery are in the bag.
Order c.,
All kinds of trees and vines dotted with houses after the former church,
It's full of modern design,
But it does not lose the taste of the country.
It's in such a poor village,
There is such an avant-garde art life hall,
Art should not be only a patent for the people of the city.
With such a window,
Zhu Jialin's agricultural and sideline products have a marketing channel.
Natural and original ecological food
Are from the fields of sweet taste ridge.
In Zhu Jialin, "ingenuity" produced by this group of young people called out,
Let those old craftsmen have enthusiasm for life.
The old man made up a basket,
This has also become a major source of their income.
Charismatic countryside,
We always think it is beautiful scenery, beautiful building,
In fact, its real charm is,
Those who are full of hope for the future.
Pastoral complex reporting plan
In Shandong Province comprehensive agricultural development department under the support of the Yinan County Forest pastoral complex construction projects, talent shows itself in the province's 14 participating in the competition of the project, to become the province's only national pastoral complex construction of the pilot, will be for three consecutive years, the financial capital of 210 million yuan, of which 150 million yuan of financial funds to support the central and provincial financial support funds 54 million yuan, the financial capital of 6 million yuan of funds.
The pilot project of zhujialin rural complex in Yinan county is guided by the government, customer led, comprehensive planning and multi-agent participation. According to the components of the rural complex, the total area is 28.7 square kilometers.
The project will be comprehensive agricultural development platform, including the planning and construction of agricultural industrial area, living area, leisure culture landscape area, gathering area, comprehensive service area, the five functional areas, focusing on building production system, industrial system, management system, ecological system, service system, operation system of six supporting system, through the to build the agricultural industry cluster, the steady development of creative agriculture, the development of multifunctionality of agriculture, promote the industrialization of agriculture and tourism, education, culture, health care and other industries depth of integration, to achieve the organic unity of the 123 industry and rural production, rural life, rural ecological of the depth of integration, to explore a set can be replicated and stable the way of life and production for agriculture rural areas and farmers, out of a set of the production of beauty, life beauty and ecological beauty "Three Three Beauties" new ways of rural development.