Forest Ecotourism: the key points of the 53 billion 300 million subsidy for the central finance

Release Time:2017.10.05Publishing Author:Source: source of material for industrial planning: State Forestry Bureau of the Ministry of Finance

In order to further strengthen the protection of natural forest resources in China, construction of ecological barrier forest, the central government further implement the instructions of the general secretary Xi Jinping put all the natural forest pr

The Ministry of finance has thoroughly implemented the directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's "protecting all natural forests", actively arranged funds, and improved and improved the natural forest resources protection and forest ecological benefit compensation system. For the protection scope of the original policy, the implementation of natural forest protection policy will be covered completely. The new stop cutting subsidy and incentive policies should be adopted, and the subsidy standard should be appropriately raised to the extent that the policy has been included in the scope of policy protection. Green dimension has combed the policies of the central finance on forest ecotourism, as well as the application points of forestry subsidy and loan discount.
In order to further strengthen the protection of natural forest resources in China, construction of ecological barrier forest, the central government further implement the instructions of the general secretary Xi Jinping put all the natural forest protection ", research policy initiative, actively arrange funds, improve the protection of natural forest resources and forest ecological benefit compensation system.
First, the implementation of the protection policy of natural forests is fully covered by the implementation of the protection of the original policy. The non state-owned forest areas of the natural forest protection project for the full stop cutting, the central financial arrangements for forest management fee subsidies and subsidies for non stop felling; natural forest protection project area of collective and individual all commercial forest have stopped cutting rewards, who voluntarily choose to stop cutting farmers, the central government allocated funds to reward. In the key forest areas of Inner Mongolia and Jilin, which are still being commercially harvested in the natural forest protection project, they have been allocated a stop cutting subsidy according to the key state-owned forest areas in Heilongjiang.
The two is to include the scope of the policy protection, and appropriately improve the subsidy standards. The central government continuously improve the natural forest protection project area of state-owned forest management standards and the state-owned national forest ecological benefit compensation standard, from 2014 5 yuan per acre per acre per year increased to 10 yuan in 2017, doubled, the collective and individual all national forest annual subsidy 15 yuan per mu, and according to the standard arrange and stop cutting subsidies. The payment base of social insurance subsidy increased from 80% of the social average wage in 2008 to 80% in 2013. The commercial logging of state-owned natural forests has been completely stopped, forest resources management and protection has been strengthened, and natural forest protection has basically been covered. In 2017, the central government allocated 53 billion 300 million yuan (including a total of 3 billion 100 million yuan in central government subsidies, local 50 billion 200 million yuan), to support the comprehensive protection of natural forest resources in China, including: for the protection of forest resources of 31 billion 300 million yuan, 10 billion 300 million yuan subsidy, stop cutting forestprotection zone policy of social expenditures and social insurance subsidies 11 billion 700 million yuan.
The next step, the central government will firmly establish the concept of green development, continue to arrange subsidies to support the two phase of natural forest resource protection project implementation, support full stop commercial logging of natural forests, natural forest resources to support the strengthening of management, improve the mechanism of dynamic adjustment subsidies.
The Ministry of Finance and the State Forestry Administration have pointed out in the "forestry reform and development fund management measures" that forest (wetland) park's eco tourism loans can enjoy national financial discount.
The following is a summary of the policy:
The tenth expenditure on forest resources cultivation includes the cultivation subsidy of forest tree seed, afforestation subsidy and forest tending subsidy.
Eleventh subsidies for cultivation of good species of trees include subsidies for breeding and cultivation of good varieties of seedlings. The subsidy for fine seed breeding refers to the subsidy for the production, collection, processing, inspection and storage of good seeds, and the object of subsidy is the national key tree seed base and the national forest germplasm resource bank. The subsidy for improved seedling cultivation is to increase the cost of the improved seedlings, which is cultivated by advanced technology such as tissue culture, light substrate, non-woven fabric, container seedling and juvenile treatment, and the object is the state-owned seedling raising unit.
Twelfth afforestation subsidy refers to the state-owned forest farm, forestry workers (including forest workers, the same below) of farmer cooperatives, farmers and other main afforestation in barren hills wasteland, sandy wasteland, slash and low yield forest, artificial afforestation renovation, mixed forest is an area of not less than 1 acres to give appropriate subsidies.
The twenty-fourth development expenditure of forestry industry includes forestry science and technology promotion demonstration subsidy, forestry loan discount subsidy, forestry advantage characteristic industry development subsidy.
Twenty-fifth forestry science and technology demonstration grants are used for forestry technology extension station for forestry to promote scientific and technological achievements and demonstration of the task (Center) units, research institutes, universities, state-owned and state-owned forest nurseries, etc., to carry out forest breeding, advanced and practical technology and standard application demonstration, and technology promotion and demonstration project the simple infrastructure construction, required special materials and small equipment acquisition, technical training, technical consulting and other expenses. The management of advanced technology results base is carried out in the demonstration of forestry science and technology popularization, and the specific measures are formulated by the State Forestry Bureau.
The twenty-sixth discount subsidy for forestry loans refers to the interest subsidy granted to all kinds of banks (including rural credit cooperatives and small loan companies), which are eligible for interest payments.
Discount conditions for various economic entities to create ecological forest (including forest reserves), woody forest, industrial material forest loans; the key state-owned forest, state forest farm to protect forest resources, alleviate the economic pressure to carry out a variety of business loans, and nature reserves, forest (desert Wetland Park) to carry out the ecological tourism loans; forestry enterprises and forestry cooperatives to company base farmer (forestry workers) business forms, based on the local forestry resources development,