The vitality of the characteristic town begins with planning, and finally the industrial chain

Release Time:2017.10.13Publishing Author:Big brand of Beijing Qing Qing Ping estate planning and Design Institute

The vitality of the special town begins with the planning, the industrial chain, and the exit mechanism for the capital, which is the key to the marketing operation of the characteristic town.

The following is the design system of the brand building of the characteristic town, which is recommended to everyone.
First, the characteristic town is an organic life body
The synthesis of any era is the result of the evolution of social life. It is the result of merging multiple elements, technologies, means and modes into a smarter top level mode. The purpose of evolution of social life is to become an organism with subjective consciousness, judgement thinking, emotional memory and material carrier, and become a form of higher life that can communicate with people deeply.
Every region has its own ideology and material form. People in every region are always communicating with regional consciousness and matter. The life form and influence of the region will imperceptibly infiltrate into the thinking and behavior of the people, and have formed the folk customs and folk customs for a long time. A large number of areas of life form the state ideology, the era of the atmosphere and so on.
The characteristic town should be treated as a clever organism to be created to make it infective and vital.
The organism is not a large multi-functional assembly. At present, the design of many characteristic towns is the same as that of the plate. For example, creative industry + modern agriculture + tourism industry + big health industry + intelligent industry + Internet, and so on. This kind of formulation is not wrong, but too right. This may not be well understood, and we are talking about my personal experience in the first two years, which is similar to that of the present.
Two years ago I participated in various project meetings all over the country, basically can hear "Internet plus" proposal, even on the Internet plus discussion time is greater than the project itself the discussion of the meaning of time. It's also a project meeting. I discussed problems with teams in the UK and the US. Almost no Internet discussions were discussed, or even other high-end technology discussions. The core of the discussion is often the intention of the project, and the human interaction, operation function and so on are based on the consideration of the large function of the project. In fact, however, in the design of several American team projects, the content of the Internet and high technology is much higher than that in the country. That makes me think a lot. At this stage, we will pay much attention to the operation instead of the way and the law, because these technologies are too advanced for us to become our top-level models. Under the obstruction of this mode, we can't see clearly the real needs of the projects. The current round of the town's characteristics boom is still so hot words, we can use the technology of heat, heat industry, too much, so we do not mind, not on the technology and industry is suitable for local, overlay, blindly chasing the new, this is not a free mind, will not have good results. We must do the best of the world and lead the future civilization. We can never achieve the goal by the accumulation of first-class technology.
If we want to make the characteristic town become a real human, residence, industry, natural harmonious human habitation new mode, I think that we first need to regard it as an organic whole and a life entity.
This life body first is the unity of mind, function, order and material carrier. Secondly, there are independent behaviors and ways of communication, and then there is a unique personality charm.
Specifically, he is the soul of the town, is the integration of context and culture; function is a function composed of above mentioned technologies, industrial implantation belong to this category; the order is the operation mode, unified development mode; the material carrier, is a form of aesthetics, the part. The understanding of this organism makes the small town accumulate from the function of the plane, and develops towards the three-dimensional life structure.
The autonomous behavior and communication mode of a town is the interaction design between town and human. It is a coherent and organic process from people's listening, thinking, coming, to interacting, communicating, leaving, and the rhythm, order and experience details of the whole interaction process.
The personality charm of a town is the premise for the brand output of a town. Any town must aim at brand output, without brand output, and the brand transformation of the town is only half completed. Only a variety of brand stores, brand products through the organic upgrading of the town, out of the town, the brand of the special purpose can be truly realized.
In short, feature of the town is currently China small city planning opportunities rise, only from the perspective of organic whole life, into the soul, design, culture, and many technologies, functions, and consider the interactive operation, and aesthetic presentation, it may become a model of human to human settlements, leading social development. The unwarranted accumulation of various functions will only make the design of small towns converge and waste great opportunities.
Second, the soul of a special town
The soul of the characteristic town is the result of the integration of the local humanities, modern civilization, and the evolution and upgrading of the local industry. Its function is to bring all the functions and elements of the town, to make it cohesive, to form enough information and to have the characteristics of brand communication. A brand that is not focused enough does not have the characteristics of communication.
Specifically, the soul of the characteristic town must first be based on the deep combing of the local humanistic context, including historical stories, characters, sites, customs, products, natural environment and so on, and find out the local differential genes. To find the combination of the difference gene and the modern social demand.
Then we study the local industrial system and find the characteristics of the characteristic industry. The characteristic industry is not necessarily