The 12 department jointly issued the guidance on promoting the construction of Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (base) (Fu Quanwen)

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For the further implementation of the Central Document No. 1 and the "Office of the State Council on support for entrepreneurship and innovation to promote the development of personnel returning to the fusion of the 123 industry views" (Guo Ban Fa 20

Guidance on promoting the construction of Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (base)
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All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities, the Xinjiang production and construction corps agriculture (agricultural and rural economy, agriculture, fisheries) Hall (bureau of the Committee), development and Reform Commission, the Department of education, science and Technology Department (bureau) (bureau of the Committee), the Department of Civil Affairs (bureau), human resources and social security hall (bureau), land and resources department (bureau), Industrial and Commercial Bureau (the people's Bank, market supervision and management departments), bureau of statistics, the Communist Youth League, women's federation:
For the further implementation of the Central Document No. 1 and the "Office of the State Council on support for entrepreneurship and innovation to promote the development of personnel returning to the fusion of the 123 industry views" (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 84) concerning the spirit, accelerate the construction of a number of regional characteristics of Rural Entrepreneurship Innovation Park (base), innovative personnel to provide places and to provide better service to the countryside home, boosting comprehensive rural entrepreneurship and innovation, we will promote rural entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (base) construction put forward the following opinions.
One, important significance
Rural entrepreneurship Innovation Park (base) is based on various types of Agricultural Park (base), through policy integration, resource gathering and centralized services, raw material production, processing and circulation, integration of leisure tourism and e-commerce industry, integrated training, internships, training, consulting, incubators and other services as a whole, with rural Entrepreneurship and innovation service platform function accurate, standardized management, demonstration ability and other characteristics, is an important carrier to support personnel returning to the countryside of Rural Entrepreneurship and innovation. To speed up the rural Entrepreneurial Innovation Park (base) construction, is conducive to the integration of market access, financial services, financial support, land and electricity, entrepreneurship training, social security, information technology and other policy measures, is conducive to the accumulation of land, capital, technology, personnel, information and other resources elements, conducive to the development of training, training and training creative exercises such as the actual operation, the formation of a unified policy service window, convenient information service platform and business innovation incubation heights, certainly attract more capital and technology accumulation, strong market awareness and rich management experience of returning personnel to the countryside Park (base) to carry out the production and operation activities. The construction of rural entrepreneurship Innovation Park (base), promote the formation of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, to promote employment income pattern of positive interaction, to inject new elements for the development of modern agriculture, increase the income of the farmers to open up new channels, for the construction of socialist new countryside has important significance in new energy.
Two. General requirements
(1) guiding ideology. Firmly establish and implement the new development concept, focus on promoting the agricultural supply side structural reform the main line, in accordance with the government to build a platform, gathering resources and service platform of entrepreneurial ideas, accelerate the construction of a number of obvious regional characteristics, complete infrastructure, policies and measures, with the conditions of technological innovation ability, improve the service of Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (base), for the return to entrepreneurship and innovation to provide a full range of support and services, enhance the entrepreneurial innovation ability of personnel returning to the countryside, to provide new energy, new support for the development of agriculture and rural economy.
(two) basic principles. Adhere to the agriculture, the development of agricultural production and the production of the service industry, processing of agricultural products circulation, tourism, e-commerce and other related industry focus, support the development of industrial integration, cycle development; adhere to the planning guide, and focus on the development of regional leading industry development planning, matching the advantage industry, play aggregation effect, avoid decentralization fragmentation; adhere to market-oriented operation, according to the laws of the market, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the market and business innovation; adhere to the service priority, focus on strengthening the construction of infrastructure, information network, policy consulting, production management and other types of service innovation ability, and constantly improve the quality of service and efficiency.
(three) target requirements. By 2020, in the construction of a large number of high standard, excellent service and the demonstration of the strong role of rural entrepreneurship Innovation Park (base), for the return of the countryside personnel entrepreneurship and innovation to provide alternative places and efficient and convenient services, implementation of the national policy, all kinds of resources and related to the integration of entrepreneurship and innovation, promote rural development better faster.
Three, key tasks
(1) improve the service function. Support rural entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (base) to raise funds actively, and strengthen infrastructure construction such as water, electricity, road, gas, network, fire protection, communication, greening, logistics and so on. We should speed up the construction of public services, e-commerce and other platforms, and carry out policy interpretation, information consultation, and entrepreneurial guidance and other services. We will constantly innovate the system mechanism, establish the mode of system, which are market dominated, government guidance, enterprise operation and main body participation, and form a dynamic system model. To carry out targeted home business training plan of action for five years, the new occupation farmer training projects, rural practical talents training model, leaders of rural youth entrepreneurship rich "leader" plan, the impoverished village rich business leader training project and rural entrepreneurship training programs such as rich female lead people, enhance the entrepreneurial innovation ability.
(two) create a policy environment. We should guide the rural entrepreneurship and Innovation Park (base) to docking the national policy, timely comb out policy information, form policy understanding paper, help business owners understand policies and obtain policy support, and promote policies to achieve effectiveness. It is convenient for enterprises and other business entities to register and register in order to create a convenient and legal business environment. Organizing the docking of silver and enterprises, the syndicated syndicate