The courtyard is an important part of Chinese architecture. It is rooted in a profound traditional culture.

In line with the ideal living environment Chinese is building base to have continuous mountain peaks to the North barrier around a low ridge surrounded by Fu enclosure, before Wanzhuan pond or river water before and after, or near the mountains on the hill scene echo. Excellent quality of landscape culture infiltration in the China ancient live culture, its outstanding performance for the study of the relationship between man and nature, the pursuit of high degree of integration and unity of man and nature; here the meaning of "landscape" has much more than just "mountain and water", but those with natural mountain and water the flowers, wood, fish, insects, rain, dew, clouds, fog and other products, which covers almost the entire landscape and the related nature, at the same time, China landscape is also an important cultural and spiritual space. The beautiful and pleasant outdoor space can not only bring pleasant visual enjoyment, but also improve the quality of life of the community.
The landscape architects are good at housing, business, tourism and the layout of all kinds of public landscapes. They have a keen understanding of the relationship between outdoor space and urban environment. They carefully consider the characteristics of each area's unique terrain, architecture and history, create an environmentally friendly and economical design plan, and combine the comfort and functionality of the landscape well.